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LEDs: how to create special effects for your home


LEDs are a revolutionary product and we have before reviewed some of the reasons for their exceptionality. There is however much more to be said. LED lights arrangements are indeed behind some of the most beautiful lighting effects ever. Even more impressive, what was reserved for night clubs or concerts halls before in terms of light effects is now available to everybody. Today everyone can create impressive lighting effects by playing with all the options LEDs give them.

The black light LED strip

Many might agree that black lights are something from the past which will never come back in fashion. But how about a black light in a surprising place as the balcony, the bathroom or the closet? And how about a black light without a visible source?

Black LED lights can add the moment of surprise or give a room a charming and mystical glow. Maybe for a party or maybe just as a touch or originality at home?

Change the color

Are you bored by regular lights? Are you looking for something to soften the mood or help you concentrate? LED lights can be used to switch between colors. This is done easily, usually by the press of a button but sometimes also as a part of  an intelligent control system or as an  interaction between music and light sources.

Pulsing LED light

There hardly is a person who has not experienced the pulsing lights at a club when everybody moves as if in slow motion. The news now is that it is possible to get that effect at home, no effort necessary, and easily reset to normal light when the party is over.

Become a designer

LED strips or small LED bulbs can be used as interior design detail highlighting features and forms and hiding angles. Thanks to the low operating temperature of LEDs the only limits to what for and where you use LEDs in interior design are the limits of your imagination.

The living TV picture

A few years ago TV set producers found a way to make your TV experience deeper and to make you become a part of what was happening on the screen. They did that by integrating responsive LED technology changing colors in tact with picture change giving you the feel that everything on the screen is actually happening in your living room. Now you do not need to look after the specially produced TV sets. Buy what you prefer and create the LED experience yourself. The wide variety of LED products and controls on the market will not disappoint you.

LED rope for outdoor creations

LED lights are developed to fit their purpose and to satisfy consumers. Therefore the outdoor use has not been overlooked. Besides the well known Christmas decorations, one can find different LED appliances turning a pool into a mystical lake or a lawn into a pool of light. How you use the lights depends on your surroundings and goals but you will surely find the result satisfying.

Control LEDs and create your vision

The effects described above are far from all achievable with LED lights. One look towards the illumination of the buildings of a city like Las Vegas or the outdoor light shows which became quite popular in the recent years can give an idea about the possibilities of LED lights.

Even though LEDs were relatively slow to come down to consumer markets they are now nearly flooding the market with all the different imaginable shapes, functions, fancy control mechanisms, etc. Therefore the only considerations to make before buying your LED dreams are what effects you want to achieve and what you need to achieve it. Most LEDs are also available as smart sets suiting a simpler vision. For the true LED artists though it is still required that one is qualified enough to assemble the LED kit and make it work.

Do not panic! If you have the idea but you lack the know-how the only thing you need is to take a look online. You will be surprised by the number of blogs and forums discussing LED assembling, designs and settings where you will get the guidance you need.

We at mylight.me do what we can to make it easier by delivering full LED kits servicing a particular purpose. So far we have developed the intelligent LED light making your life easier. You should keep an eye on us to see whether we are not about to start offering your dream LED kit.


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