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LED: The Secret to Looking Younger!


The scientists may still be working on finding the right lighting for the home reflecting your personal needs but cosmeticians have been faster discovering the healing effects of LED light. Today LED light treatment helps the skin regenerate, regain elasticity and fight acne. However, there are even more pluses to the LED light treatment: it causes no discomfort, can be surprisingly quick and is always relaxing.

Who discovered the LED treatment?

Interestingly, LED treatments were discovered by NASA during their experiments in connection to the use of LED light to grow plants in space. Scientists found out that the LEDs helped astronauts recover faster from their injuries sustained during weightlessness.

They found that the reason injuries healed faster was that skin sells got activated by the pulses of the low-level non-thermal light. Thus, they produced more proteins and lipids building and repairing the skin.

Even though it was a coincidental discovery, looking further into it, scientists found out that LED stimulation was beneficial for wrinkled, sun damaged and pigmented skin. A simple 20 min treatment repeated over several weeks gave smoother skin and improved skin tone in around 85% of cases. It is worth mentioning that LEDs’ positive effects are not limited to the face. LED treatment can be beneficial for other injured body parts as well.

What can LED do for you?

LED light therapy stimulates your skin much in the way sun stimulates photosynthesis. It gives an energy boost to the skin and helps the production of the two proteins regenerating skin cells – collagen and elastin. It does also, on certain wave lengths, have an antibacterial effect.

As a result you can expect the different LED treatments to have a great effect on for example fine wrinkles, tired and inelastic skin, blemished or pigmented skin, etc. Cosmeticians offer a long list of treatments boosting skin firmness, calming and restoring the skin or fighting acne and irritable skin. LED can in the future also be used as a part of scar removal treatments due to its regenerating effect.

Momentary effects which last

The best thing about LED light therapy is that it is non-invasive and does not damage the skin protection layer as laser for example does. Thus, you can get out of the SPA or your cosmetician and enjoy the results of the treatment right away without fearing UV radiation or over-pigmentation due to sun exposure. Furthermore, you can enjoy the LED therapy’s effects for a long time: up to 180 days after the treatment.

Learning more and more about the healing effect of LEDs is now mirrored in the growing number of offered LED treatments for both the skin and the mood. LEDs are becoming a true inspiration in the wellness sector and we can soon expect to see an even broader application of LEDs and only get surprised by the hidden healing potential of light.


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