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mylight.me's Bed light - a star LED lighting product


mylight.me at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

The National Hardware Show (NHS) gets into the media spotlight every year by bringing together more than 2 600 companies competing for the attention of around 30 000 professional visitors. This makes the event a must-attend forum for presenting new and innovative products.

This year’s show was held from the 6th to the 8th of May in Las Vegas. Mylight.me participated in the NHS with its innovative LED lighting products – Bed light and Closet light. Bed light is a practical and easy to install and use LED light solution allowing users to forget about stumbling in the dark when getting up at night. Closet light is a flexible LED light strip delivering a luxurious lighting effect in the wardrobe which makes finding the right outfit an easier and more pleasant task than ever.


LED lighting luxury in your home

Both LED light products are developed to be extremely flexible and allow for various uses in the home or at work. We at mylight.me consider the only limits for the products to be the limits of consumer imagination.

Mylight.me LED lights are meant as a part of both private home improvement projects and professional interior design projects. Their flexibility allows one to play with visions and ideas and create a LED lighting perfectly fitting the needs of every project.

As our LED light solutions come as a complete LED kit with adjustable LED strips, a sensor and full cable set it is no longer necessary to run around town and try to find and connect all the parts yourself. Therefore mylight.me LED light kits make it now possible for literary everybody to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting luxury with sensor activation and an easily adjustable timer.

Even though we knew that we had a great product on our hands it came as a nice surprise that we won not one but two awards at the prestigious NHS. Mylight.me’s Bed light won both a Retailers Choice Award and a Homewares Innovation Award at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.


Recognition for our LED star product - Bed light

The Retailers Choice Award is an award by the Hardware Retailing magazine which is known for showcasing only the best of the best products. The award is even more valuable for us as it is active retail professionals who evaluate the products and choose such having the potential to become hits on the market.

The Hardware Show Innovation Award is granted to products mastering design, functionality and innovation. Receiving such an award is a sign that a company has managed to become a trendsetter within its industry.

The important recognition from the industry made us only more confident that we have to continue to work as hard as possible to provide you with the best and most innovative LED light solutions available on the market.

Even though industry recognition may mean a lot to us it is your recognition which is most important. Mylight.me LED light solutions are made for you and with your comfort in mind and we will continue to work to make it easier for you to enjoy LED light luxury in your everyday life.


by mylight.me